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September 2009 Launches Innovation Lab

Since 1996, has proven itself as a leader in innovative approaches to international student recruitment. We've decided to compile a few of these advancements in the Innovation Lab,

  • International Student Funds Verification
  • Precision Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  • Models to Measure Return on Investment
  • Working with Agents
  • Multi-lingual Promotional Models

As always, you're most welcome to contact us with feedback:

Cross Promotions

The 8th Annual Washington International Education Conference (WIEC) will take place on 25-26 January 2010 in DC. The Conference features Embassy meetings and presentations with the latest developments in the recruitment of international students to the United States. Register now for discounts on registration fees, accommodations and air fare: or

Cheryl's Presentation Schedule

* 2-5 November, Springfield, Massachusetts
NAFSA Bi-Regional (X and XI):

* 6-8 December, Miami, Florida
ICEF North America Workshop: Your source for translations in 17 languages

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