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About, LLC

U.S. Journal of Academics:
Generating inquiries. Generating ideas. Online since 1996. What's next in international student recruitment?, LLC provides efficient and effective services for the international education industry in two distinct markets:

  • Qualified prospective students from around the world: We invite students, scholars and executives (and those within their spheres of influence) to review our campus profiles (in 17 different languages) without registration or fee.

  • U.S. campuses that want to welcome those students: We help our clients promote their academic and experiential programs, primarily via the Internet and other emerging technologies, with a focus on quality over quantity.

Company Structure: Over the years, we've gleaned much of our inspiration from Harvard Business Review and their brilliant case studies. For example:

We're not a big company, by design. There are many reasons for the big successes of small nations. These countries lack the expensive, often flawed infrastructures of the larger powers that can block or dilute innovation. They can't afford systems that don't work, so they tend to devise practical inventions that are relatively bulletproof. And yes, new ideas can spread more easily through smaller, closely connected populations. Source: Harvard Business Review, Nov 2004

We help prospective international students avoid over-choice. Other sites simply serve as directories for the thousands of different options offered by the U.S. higher education system. We feature an exclusive list of U.S. campuses with excellent academics and outstanding support systems for international students. As Lisa Johnson noted in her book, Mind Your Xs and Ys, The people of Generation X and Generation Y crave... a filter they can trust to edit the morass of products and information out there. serves as that filter for globally-minded students interested in studying in the USA., LLC Quick Facts

  • Evolved from a print publication, the U.S. Education Journal, in the early 1990s
  • Launched an online version of the magazine in April 1996
    (Click here for details of our history, through December 2003.)
  • Dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and integrity of international student recruitment, from both the student perspective and the admissions perspective
  • Represents about 100 top U.S. universities, colleges and English Language Programs who specifically want to welcome and support globally-minded students
  • Provides valuable information about the often-complicated process of U.S. admissions

Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck, Owner / Chief International Education Officer

Sponsoring U.S. Campuses at and our multi-lingual sister sites

  • Are recognized by the appropriate accrediting commission or agency
  • Comply with all U.S. federal regulations, including but not limited to SEVIS
  • Are committed to supporting international students and the ideals of NAFSA: Association of International Educators and the Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange
  • Range from Ivy League campuses to less expensive alternatives such as community colleges and private institutes that focus only on teaching English as a Second Language
  • Promote only the programs in which they want to increase international student enrollments
  • Are willing to customize their academic curriculum for groups of non-U.S. students
  • Would welcome and accommodate colleagues from overseas who are interested in exploring their campus as a host institution for groups of non-U.S. students

Technological Highlights

  • Customizable Profile Page for each client, with no limit to the number of videos, words or images
  • A customizable Automated Response is also available, to immediately re-direct the student to appropriate resources online
  • A free and easy online search mechanism which showcases U.S. campuses that specifically seek to welcome non-U.S. students
  • Generates an Excel Report of users who inquired about specific sponsoring campus(es), and automatically sends the report to the client on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis

Language-Specific Marketing

Non-English speakers currently comprise more than two-thirds of the total online population; that figure is expected to grow to about 75 percent in the next few years, when native Chinese speakers begin to outnumber native English speakers online. We've been translating, localizing, and promoting our content into targeted languages (on dedicated domains) for more than ten years:

We have been very pleased and impressed with the quality of services. You have made enormous progress in expanding the reach and effectiveness of while remaining attentive and responsive to our specific needs. It's a pleasure working with you. - Mark Feder, American Consortium of Universities and Interlink Language Centers; one of the vast majority of customers who renewed their contracts last year.

Subscribe to USjournal.communiqué: eRecruitment Trends and Techniques, a newsletter for international student recruitment professionals. We also publish the latest numbers of people in each language zone connected to the Internet, as well as other appropriate research.

Learn more about us, and how we generate inquiries and generate ideas. Call Cheryl at 570-205-4020, or e-mail We look forward to working with you.