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Well done: The United States host some of the top universities, colleges and English language programs in the world. USjournal helps non-U.S. students decide which U.S. campus is best for you.

USjournal is not a comprehensive listing of thousands of campuses. We represent an exclusive list, deliberately kept below 100 campuses. All of the campuses we promote are fully authorized by the U.S. government to welcome and serve international students. Study English (ESL), Engineering, Science, Art and Design, Business, Technology and so much more! Earn a Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, PhD... or study for a short term at a 2-year Community College.

We help prospective international students avoid over-choice. Other sites simply serve as directories for the thousands of different options offered by the U.S. higher education system. Our exclusive list of U.S. campuses feature excellent academic programs and outstanding support systems for international students.

Let's get started. Choose from the banners below, or select your academic preferences above. Review the results, and inquire about the US college, university or English Language Program that interests you. Your inquiry will be forwarded to our colleagues at the campus(es) of your choice. We wish you all the best in your pursuit of a U.S. education!