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The United States hosts some of the most prominent universities, colleges and English Language Programs in the world. We help place students according to academic, geographic and personal preferences. Use our simple form to review our exclusive list of high-quality U.S. universities, four-year liberal arts colleges, community colleges, ESL programs, youth programs, and summer schools. (Students are not required to register or pay for this valuable service.)

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If you already know where you would like to study in the USA, use our interactive map to identify US campuses that we recommend. We represent fully accredited programs with supportive international student staffs who are well-versed in issues of visa regulations, financial aid, academic credit transfer to and from other campuses, and other issues specific to people of all ages who embark on study abroad experiences.

Events Schedule of US Education Fairs around the World
We invite you (and your relatives and friends) to personally meet our colleagues who want to welcome you to their campuses. Access our schedule regularly, as we update events and add new ones!