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January 2013 
Dancing Data

Data, data everywhere, and scarcely a drop of value... The true value of data is unlocked through context and presentation. --

USjournal produces plenty of data, primarily via spreadsheets of prospective student traffic generated as a result of each advertiser's campaign with us. It's important information, of course -- but it doesn't have to be ugly.

We're exploring new ways to present that data in more visually-appealing ways. For example, here's an infogram we recently generated for Georgia State University's Intensive Engish Program for calendar year 2012:

GSU-IEP Traffic via USjournal, 2012

GSU's choice to advertise in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Turkish has paid off handsomely.

Current USjournal advertisers may request complimentary, customized infograms at any point by contacting

Prospective advertisers are invited to select one of our current clients that resemble your campus profile, so we can produce appropriate data in your targeted language markets:

For details about how to promote your academic programs on USjournal's 17 independent, multi-lingual domains, review our Space Reservation Form or contact

FundsV Update

We anticipate transitioning our global network of financial institutions from 2,800 banks to more than 10,000 banks during calendar year 2013. As such, we've eliminated the set-up fees for host campuses to register at FundsV, for a limited time. Review the proposal, and send the completed document to (We're also happy to schedule and online demo at your convenience.)

Learn more about how FundsV works:
FundsV on Vimeo  FundsV on YouTube  FundsV Prezi  FundsV Working Group on LinkedIn

We invite you to join us for our next FundsV Working Group conference call on Thursday, 28 February at 10am US EST. There is no charge to participate, but please reserve your slot with

Meet with us at Upcoming Conferences

ICEF Brisbane, 17-19 April: Cheryl will lead a Market Intelligence Seminar about improving the efficiency and integrity of the funds verification process -- as a competitive advantage for the host country in recruiting international students.

FundsV Working Group Meeting, 29 May: Cheryl will preside over our third annual in-person meeting of host-country government officials and campus-based colleagues intent on improving the efficiency and integrity of international student funds verification. As usual, the meeting is held in conjunction with NAFSA's Annual Conference in St. Louis.

NAFSA Session, 30 May: Cheryl will co-present Great Expectations: Managing International Students' Decisionmaking (chaired by Pamela Barrett) in St. Louis. We look forward to seeing you there!

Cross Promotions

International Universities Conference in Moscow, 22-24 April: The Eastern European University Association invites you to broaden relations between international universities from all around the world and institutions of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. The event will include networking events and sessions to share experience and discover the most essential trends that open new opportunities for cooperation. Participating institutions may also join a day of marketing activities in Russia following the conference program.

Early registration ends 1 February. Learn more.

USjournal: Promoting your academic programs in 16 languages
FundsV: Improving the efficiency and integrity of funds verification

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