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September 2012 
Re-Defining the Enrollment Funnel

Significant trends that have rendered the traditional enrollment funnel obsolete:

  • Transparency (especially regarding tuition)
  • Rise in Personal Identity Management
  • Decline of Advertising-as-Interruption
  • Demand for Decision Simplicity

The original funnel was designed from the perspective of the host campus. We need to re-focus our approach from the student perspective. We'll discuss that in detail at NAFSA's Bi-Regional Conference in San Juan, 14-18 October:

Contact to discuss ways we can help you improve your international student recruitment processes.

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Working with Agents Webinar, 3 October

Wednesday, 3 October at 2pm EST: Cheryl DarrupBoychuck will moderate a one-hour webinar hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education and sponsored by ICEF. Participants will gain a better understanding of whether working with agents is a practice that their institution could / should pursue, and if so, how to work with agents effectively and efficiently. Register at

Cross-Promotions: Recruiting in Taiwan

Headquartered in Taiwan, Envision Study Group has successfully helped thousands of students gain admission into elite high schools, top undergraduate programs, and top business schools around the world. Our advantage comes from our profound understanding of the industry and our unique insights into the needs of the Asian students.

We are able to offer an objective and realistic assessment of an application as viewed from an admission committee. We also view the value of an education as well as career path from a real world perspective, in the long run. Learn more:

Upcoming Events: EnvisionRecruit Spring College Education Tour in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, from 18-26 February 2013. Contact

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