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May 2012 
FundsV Named Finalist in Innovation Awards

GoAbroad has named the FundsV Working Group as one of five worldwide finalists in their Innovative Use of Technology competition:

FundsV provides a secure and reliable way of empowering prospective students and their sponsors to point their banking data, which in many cases already exists in the cloud, to their authorized host in order to prove financial capacity. From a technical perspective, FundsV is really an incremental advancement designed as an alternative to the current process for verifying funds -- which is mostly paper-based and cumbersome, with considerable potential for fraud. FundsV minimizes the opportunity to manipulate financial documents, while the host retains full responsibility in deciding how to use the robust set of data provided by FundsV.

Learn more via a 45-minute complimentary webinar:
* Improving the Efficiency and Integrity of Funds Verification
* Tuesday, 22 May at noon EST
* Register now:

FundsV / USjournal Highlights at NAFSA

Price Compared with Value in International Student Recruitment
* Wed, 30 May, 1:15pm (General Session)

FundsV Working Group Meeting
* Thurs, 31 May, 8:00am (Open Meeting, but RSVP to

Opportunities and Challenges of Working with Agents
* Fri, 1 June, 10:30am (General Session)

We have a few one-on-one / small group meeting slots remaining. To reserve some time to learn more about how and / or can help you reach your international recruitment goals, please contact

Planning Ahead: San Juan Bi-Regional Conference

NAFSA Regions III and VII are hosting their Bi-Regional Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 14-18 October 2012: Contact us to book a slot to discuss ways we can help you:

Cross-Promotions: Workshops for Community Colleges

Monday, 28 May in Houston: This full-day, interactive workshop covers alternative recruitment strategies for community colleges in difficult times: Leveraging 2+2, eMarketing / Social Media, Partnerships, and more. Presenters will provide examples and experiences of their successes and failures in the new recruitment environment, highlighting how the paradigm shift is driving change in marketing practices in their own organizations. For details: or

25-26 June in DC: Globalizing Your Campus on a Shoestring Budget explores easy and inexpensive ways to begin or continue organizing a comprehensive global program on the community college campus. Participants will leave the workshop with ideas for mission statements, curriculum development, funding and publicizing programs. The workshop will be of interest to those just beginning campus-wide globalization, as well as those seeking new ideas for existing global programs. Contact to learn more.

USjournal: Promoting your academic programs in 16 languages
FundsV: Improving the efficiency and integrity of funds verification

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