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June 2012 
The Rise of Personal Identity Management
and why it matters to international student recruiters

Consumers are leaving an exponentially growing digital footprint across channels and media, and they are awakening to the fact that marketers use this data for financial gain. This, combined with growing concerns about data security, means that individuals increasingly want to know when data about them is being collected, what is being stored and by whom, and how that data is being used. We call this phenomenon personal identity management (PIDM). --

So what?

The impact on international education: The traditional enrollment funnel has crumbled beyond recognition. Noel-Levitz has documented how increasing numbers of students do not identify themselves until they actually apply for admission. Prospective students research campuses deeply and anonymously, without that campus having the faintest idea. Consumers around the world resist disclosing their personal information unless it's absolutely necessary, for fear of marketers taking advantage of that data. Online users are more pro-active than ever about their privacy, as evidenced by the continued popularity of Brand U.0

This trend presents a challenge to inquiry-generating sites such as USjournal, as it's increasingly difficult to cross-reference any inquiry list with an enrollee list; that funnel has essentially dissolved. The irony lies in the fact that online promotion of academic programs is more critical than ever.

Intelligent innovation will continue to lead the way -- especially with regard to improving the efficiency and integrity of processes inherent in global student mobility.

At its core, FundsV taps into the phenomenon of personal identity management, empowering consumers to control their own data by pointing their banking info (which already exists in the cloud) to the host university or host government that requires it as part of the international student application.

FundsV will emerge from its U.S. beta on 1 July 2012; if you'd like to participate in the beta (without charge), contact at your earliest convenience.

Upcoming Appearances

San Juan, Puerto Rico, 14-18 October 2012: Meet with to discuss ways we can help you improve your international student recruitment processes. Learn more about this Bi-Regional Conference hosted by NAFSA Regions III and VII:

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