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January 2012 
Three Reasons to Advertise with USjournal in 2012

Innovative Solutions: We're leading the field in developing global standards that improve the efficiency and integrity of funds verification. From a practical perspective, that means generating more financially-qualified inquiries for our campus-based advertisers:

Integrated Approach: We don't jump on every new tech bandwagon, as we prefer to integrate our clients' existing technologies and social media initiatives into their USjournal Profiles. For example, we encourage advertisers to embed short promotional videos, as well as coded links to their .edu domains:

Great Value: We have not raised our prices in five years, even though we continuously improve our services based on valuable feedback from both students and campus colleagues. Our 2012-13 Space Reservation Form:

Contact to discuss how we can advance your international student recruitment efforts in 2012 and beyond!

Two Cross Promotional Opportunities

Complimentary Participation: The Israel-America Recruiting Fair, 26-27 March 2012, is the newest and most convenient event for International Educators to diversify their enrollment! Study America, in collaboration with the U.S. Commercial Service, will be hosting representatives from fully-accredited U.S. programs, colleges and universities who want to recruit Israeli and Palestinian students to their campuses. There is no fee to participate in this event, which includes a student education fair, a day for interviews and scholarship meetings, an evening dinner hosted at the U.S. Ambassador's residence, and opportunities to meet with local higher education institutions for study exchange programs in the West Bank or Israel. For more information, contact Jessica at 1-888-283-1464 or

U.S. Education Mission to Poland and the Czech Republic: The United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, and the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service is organizing an education mission to Warsaw and Prague from 15-19 April 2012. This mission will include representatives from regionally accredited graduate programs and 4-year undergraduate educational institutions. The mission includes one-on-one appointments with potential partners, embassy briefings, student fairs and networking events in the two target cities -- two dynamic and growing markets that hold high potential for U.S. educational institutions. Contact James Paul at ph 617-565-4304, or for details.

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