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August 2012 
Blending Marketing and Operations

At USjournal, we've seen an emerging trend toward greater efficiency in marketing and recruiting -- which must involve operational elements (such as credential evaluation and funds verification) much earlier in the admissions cycle.

The traditional dis-connect between marketing and operations was highlighted in a recent Inside Higher Ed piece: In some cases, admissions standards of marketers and recruiters are not nearly as robust as operations (credential evaluators in particular) would like them to be. So the credential evaluators, on campus, are the ones who have to burst the bubble of these students who simply aren't qualified. It's a very inefficient use of resources.

A more efficient model involves crystal clear communication of admissions standards and a simple admissions process -- that appear within the prospective student's first few interactions with your campus site.

One practical solution involves FundsV, which empowers students (and their sponsors) to point their online banking data to the host that requests it to prove financial capacity -- earlier in the admissions process. We completed our U.S. beta last month, and are preparing to launch a pilot in Australia.

Learn more about how FundsV works:
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To participate, review the proposal at, and send the completed document to (Of course, we're also happy to schedule online demonstrations at your convenience.)

Upcoming Conferences: See you in San Juan

San Juan, Puerto Rico, 14-18 October 2012: Meet with Cheryl DarrupBoychuck to discuss ways we can help you improve your international student recruitment processes. And be sure to join us at our general session, Re-Defining the Enrollment Funnel on Tuesday, 16 October at 11:15am. Learn more about this Bi-Regional Conference hosted by NAFSA Regions III and VII:

Cross-Promotions: Recruiting in Russia

The 2nd International STUDY ABROAD Fair in Samara and Ulyanovsk, Russia: 26-28 March 2013, conveniently following the ICEF Moscow Workshop

  • Two of the biggest cities in three days
  • More than 50 exhibitors
  • Over 10,000 target visitors
  • Complimentary translation service
  • Promotion and follow-up activities after the Fair

Contact for special offers on registrations before 1 November 2012. Learn more about Optima's family of sites:

USjournal: Promoting your academic programs in 16 languages
FundsV: Improving the efficiency and integrity of funds verification

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