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September 2011 
Improving Efficiency, Integrity

More is not always better, especially when it comes to generating prospective international student inquiries. More inquiries generally means more work, and a less impressive yield of initial inquiries to actual enrollees.

International educators (namely, clients of expressed frustration in effectively qualifying prospective students who increasingly inquired online. Admissions counselors needed a better way to authenticate their applicants' financial documentation, earlier in the admissions cycle.

The Solution: FundsV significantly improves the efficiency and integrity of the current process for verifying funding sources of prospective international students and sponsors around the world. The FundsV Working Group, assembled at the request of Belgium-based SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), is addressing the need for information efficiency in global student mobility. The Group's goal is to ultimately develop worldwide standards for international student funds verification, so prospective students can satisfy host requirements with speed, certainty and confidence.

Opportunity to Participate in the Beta: The FundsV Beta will launch on Monday, 3 October. Two slots are still available to U.S. campuses who would like to engage in the process. Benefits include:

  • Lower costs related to authenticating prospective international students' financial documentation
  • Reduce operational risk when attempting to qualify candidates likely to secure their student visa
  • Maximize efficiencies earlier in the recruitment process, to focus resources on students likely to enroll
  • Access the financial industry's leading platform to exchange financial information securely and reliably
  • Provide candid feedback that strongly influences the development of the online funds verification service
  • Contribute to the development of global standards, ultimately in compliance with ISO20022
  • Continue using FundsV for no charge, for two years after beta testing (U.S. host universities only)

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Meeting Opportunities

Contact to schedule a slot

  • 9 Sept, On-Campus FundsV Demo in Seattle
  • 3-5 Nov, NAFSA Region VIII Conference in Philadelphia
  • 6-8 Nov, NAFSA Region X Conference in Bolton Landing, New York
  • 5-7 Dec, ICEF Workshop in Miami

Also, look for our article Trends in Transparency in the upcoming issue of IIE Networker Magazine, published by the Institute of International Education. Your source for translations in 16 languages

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