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October 2010 
Hustle as Strategy / Operations as Marketing

In prepping for an on-campus marketing consultation, I've drawn one simple (but perhaps overwhelming) conclusion: It all matters. From your school colors, logo and tagline, through to your alumni relations, everything seems to play into a prospective student's decision to enroll.

Fortunately, more campuses are embracing the holistic approach, otherwise known as Enrollment Management. The trick is to figure out exactly what we, as international marketing and recruiting professionals, need to focus on to achieve our goals.

I love Bob Sevier's latest piece on hustle as strategy: He concludes, Slow is a death wish. So, does improving operations (like responding to initial inquiries faster and better) relate to greater Return-on-Investment of our marketing dollars? Absolutely.

And what about your website? Its importance cannot be over-stated: Your site must answer two questions: 1) Can I study what I want? and 2) Can I afford it?

Increasingly, I believe it's prudent to pay more attention to filters within the traditional enrollment funnel, rather than focus on feeding the wide mouth of that funnel. At, we're working hard to strike that delicate balance. Contact us to learn more:

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