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September 2009 
The Big Shift

I've been prepping for a few presentations this Fall, each dedicated to the state of international student recruitment trends within the North American market. As usual, I rely on Harvard Business Review to pull together my fragmented intuitions. From The Big Shift: Measuring the Forces of Change (July - August 2009): The more the business environment changes, the faster the value of what you know at any given point in time diminishes. In this world, success hinges on the ability to participate in a growing array of knowledge flows in order to rapidly refresh your knowledge stocks.

Case in point: Earlier this year at a meeting of about a dozen top-level international student recruitment professionals in DC, one respected colleague decreed, The concept of commission-based agents will be dead in ten years. Shocking. Of course anyone related to that segment of the industry would feel threatened.

But then I thought about twelve years ago: We were still printing magazines. Today, that segment of our business is in fact dead. (We went online in 1996, and stopped printing in 1998.)

That begs the question, where will be ten or twelve years from now? I don't know exactly, but I expect we'll look much different than we do today. Our primary objective will likely remain steadfast: Generating inquiries. Generating ideas. We're currently working toward generating more qualified inquiries, and in particular, more financially-qualified inquiries, to ultimately help host campuses enroll more international students.

What do you think? Where will the industry of international student recruitment be in ten years? Let me know:

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