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March 2009 
Tapping into Indonesia

Every few months, identifies a country that is emerging as a strong source of international students. That reach country typically does not show up on the radar screen of most international recruiters. A few months ago, we focused on Italy by launching Now we're turning our attention to Indonesia. advertisers may have noticed a recent uptick in inquiries from Indonesia, due to the success of our targeted mobile marketing campaign which we launched about a month ago. We've had an Indonesian site, for a number of years, but we decided to focus more resources there.

Why now?

Indonesia has gotten some pretty positive press lately, thanks to its favorite adopted son at the moment, Barack Obama. The country's demographics also bode well for an increase in study abroad, when compared to other top-sending countries. It's not that Indonesia's population pyramid is bulging at the 15 to 24-year old level; it's just not collapsing like so many other country's population pyramids. Because of those figures, Indonesia is expected to break into the top five countries of origin for international students in the next few years. It's already at number 16, according to

Stay tuned.

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