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January 2009 
New Year, New Source for Qualified Inquiries Launches Mobile Initiative: Nearly four billion people around the world regularly use a mobile phone, a portion of which are enabled for impressive internet accessibility. has developed a site solely dedicated to serving the mobile market:

So what? Our objective is to increase both the quality and quantity of inquiries generated for our campus-based clients. We have carefully chosen specific metropolitan regions around the world to promote this new service. At the moment, our mobile initiative involves an English-only interface.

Now what? Current advertisers may notice that fewer fields are completed on their inquiry reports, because we require only four fields on our mobile form: Given Name, Family Name, eMail Address, and Country of Citizenship. Students may also comment briefly. Here's a screenshot of our mobile inquiry form: in contrast to our full-screen form:

Our Mobile Initiative is just another way we continually improve our services, while maintaining our client costs; our rates have not increased since 2007. Contact for details. For our current Space Reservation Form:

Mark your 2009 Calendars

Doing more with less: In an effort to supply the industry's demand for more cost-effective recruitment options, NAFSA has organized a number of opportunities for colleagues to learn about CyberRecruitment and Precision Marketing. We welcome input about what you'd like to see and hear:

  • Monday, 16 March, Webinar: 3 p.m. EST
  • Tuesday, 26 May, Workshop: 8 a.m. until noon PST
  • Wednesday, 27 May, Session: 8 a.m. until 9:15 a.m. PST

Top Nine Trends for 2009: In case you missed our last newsletter: Your source for translations in 17 languages

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