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July 2017 
INTCAS: A Fresh Approach
to International Enrollment Management

View our very latest 20-minute video about a fresh, forward-thinking model designed to attract, recruit and manage international students in a safe, compliant and cost-effective way. Learn how to use the INTCAS platform at a minimal cost, to help you achieve your International Enrollment Management goals!

INTCAS: A Fresh Approach to International Enrollment Management

The bottom line: The industry has been -- and will continue to be -- disrupted by the current political administration (and a significant portion of the US population that supports them). I appreciate those who lead the critical charge against US isolationism, from a philosophical (defensive) perspective. But there also needs to be a complementary charge on offense -- where leading international educators step up / lean in to drive a productive conversation with solutions that include deeper due diligence, more robust funds verification, and even establishing escrow accounts in some higher-risk jurisdictions.

We can find common ground across the political spectrum, in attracting the most academically-qualified and the most financially-qualified students and scholars, that will advance the US economy, while minimizing the risk of those student visa holders burdening our domestic resources.

INTCAS provides a solution, to ultimately improve the efficiency and integrity of the international admissions process. Learn more!

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