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Febuary 2017 
International Student Recruitment Session
(13-minute video)

In case you missed the International Student Recruitment Bootcamp last week in San Diego, view an archived version of one Digital Tools session that details how the US student visa application process can benefit from using robust tools of the global financial services industry. Contact Cheryl with any questions!

It's not information overload; it's filter failure.

USjournal Welcomes Alma College and Irvine Valley College

Alma College in Michigan and Irvine Valley College in California recently joined the exclusive list of colleges, universities and English Language Programs promoted around the world by USjournal's family of multi-lingual domains. For details about how you can participate, view the sponsorship page or contact Karen for details!

Featured Webinar: Thurs, 16 Feb

Learn how the Center for Global Advancement of Community Colleges is working with INTCAS to promote US Community Colleges to students globally -- in a safe, compliant, and cost-effective way.

Join us for this 30-minute webinar on Thursday, 16 February at 12:30 EST as we introduce a fresh, forward-thinking model designed to attract, recruit and manage international students. All types of education institutions can use the INTCAS ecosystem at a minimal cost, to help you achieve your International Enrollment Management goals. Register now!

Center for Global Advancement of Community Colleges

USjournal: Promoting your academic programs in 16 languages

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