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March 2013 
FundsV-Certified Students

FundsV empowers international students -- and their sponsors -- to point their online banking data to the authorized host who requested it. When we launched our tightly-controlled beta in the U.S. about 18 months ago, there was only one way a student could register with us: From the .edu domain of a FundsV-authorized host campus.

A growing number of our students and sponsors would like to send their data to additional host campuses as well. To accommodate that demand, we've created a way for those students to become FundsV-certified, and select where they want their data to go, within the FundsV Network.

FundsV-Certified Students from FundsV

FundsV still operates in a tightly-controlled environment, as participating host campuses must register in advance with

How does it work? The student-certified approach is very similar to FundsV's original approach:

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1. At, students confirm that their bank (or their sponsor's bank) is one of more than 2,800 affiliated with FundsV. (If the bank is not listed, then there is no need for the student to register with us.)

2. Registration at entitles students to unlimited account balance verifications and access to their FundsV Profile for one full year.

3. In order to upload bank account balances, students or sponsors simply enter their credentials, just as they would to access their online accounts with that particular bank. The FundsV platform transmits financial information securely and reliably.

4. Students may manage their bank credentials, upload documents, and submit their completed Profiles to one or more authorized host campuses within the FundsV Network.

5. Through a secure log-in, the host may access the student's FundsV Profile. The host retains full responsibility in deciding how to use the robust set of data.

Empowering students to become FundsV-certified parallels our philosophy that personal, online data should be controlled by the owner. The owner should

  • manage his / her own data, responsibly
  • be able to dictate how his / her data is used
  • be able to restrict access to his / her data at any time

Learn more about FundsV's student-centric approach to improving the efficiency and integrity of the funds verification component in international student recruitment. Contact to schedule a demo.

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