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  Let us help you generate fresh ideas for international student recruitment

In response to feedback from colleagues in the international education industry, the leadership of the U.S. Journal of Academics now offers customized, individualized training in online international student recruitment.

We understand how our colleagues are feeling...

  • Concerned that international student enrollments are stagnant or decreasing.
  • Overwhelmed at the idea of promoting your programs globally.
  • Frustrated with the lack of time and / or priority devoted to marketing.
  • You’ve missed the boat when it comes to marketing your website worldwide.
  • Your competitors have gained an edge, and catching up is simply too daunting to consider right now.
  • You’re thinking about launching a multi-lingual campaign, but don’t know where to begin.

We can help.

We'll share with you successful case studies from our own experience, as well as best practices from other campuses around the country. For example:

  • Create targeted search engine campaigns: Specify key words or key phrases (in any major language), and request that your ads appear only to Internet users within a certain radius of specific points of latitude and longitude, anywhere in the world.

  • Learn more about global online language populations: Online marketing embeds its own filter, as only about 17 percent (one billion people, as of December 2005) of the world’s population has regular online access. Source: Jakob Nielsen.

  • Study the demographic trends and population pyramids of your targeted countries: Did you know that Turkey has nearly twice as many 15- to 24-year-olds than South Korea? (13 million compared to 7.7 million) Source: U.S. Census Bureau, International Database 2000.

We'll teach you how to apply these ideas (and more) to your own campus environment. Exact curriculum, dates and times of the U.S. Journal Marketing Consultation are coordinated by the individual campus trainees and the staff of the U.S. Journal. Approximately 14 days in advance of the session, we correspond with the trainees via telephone, fax and / or e-mail to determine a specific, tailored agenda to maximize efficiencies. For a complimentary customized proposal, please contact Cheryl.

Costs / Logistics

Two 4-hour Sessions of Intensive On-Campus Consultation:

  • Two weeks of preparatory correspondence (e-mail and telephone calls), prior to the visit
  • Eight-hour on-campus consultation, divided into two four-hour sessions (one on the afternoon of Day One, and one on the morning of Day Two)
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Action Plan, due within two weeks after the on-campus consultation
  • $3,000. plus expenses of travel to and from your campus, as well as accommodations

One 2-hour Session of Telephone / WebCam Consultation:

  • One week of preparatory correspondence (e-mail and telephone calls), prior to the consultation
  • Two hours of consultation over the telephone
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • $500. payable within 30 days of the consultation

"These marketing consultations really represent a natural evolution of our business," noted Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck, C.E.O. of the U.S. Journal. "Our respected colleagues have responded very positively to our original online services, as well as to our numerous presentations and articles about the latest trends in eRecruitment. Now we're able to take that broad (and sometimes abstract) information, and train international education professionals to apply it specifically to their own campus environment. The power and scope of the Internet affords us efficient and effective opportunities limited only by our imagination."

Consultation leader Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck is well-qualified to address eRecruitment issues. Cheryl has been presenting at NAFSA Regional and National Conferences since 1996, and routinely contributes to Voice of America, the Institute of International Education, Community College publications, the Advising Quarterly, and other media outlets.

We invite you to subscribe to usjournal.communiqué: eRecruitment Trends and Techniques. The communiqué is an ever-evolving e-newsletter for international student recruitment professionals. The U.S. Journal of Academics also publishes the latest percentages of online language usage. If you would like to subscribe, please complete the form. Thanks!

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