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September 2014 
Why advertise with USjournal?

1. USjournal generates qualified inquiries; prospective students must express interest in specific academic programs at your particular campus, before we forward their inquiry to you.

2. You may use our professional (satisfaction-guaranteed) translations of your campus profile in other promotions, or link to them from pages within your own .edu domain.

3. We can complement your other marketing initiatives; for example, if you or your colleagues are traveling overseas to recruit, we can send invitations to the event on your behalf - to students from that region within our database.

Contact for details, or review our latest Space Reservation Form.

Some other points of interest:

  • A French campaign generates more inquiries than any other language within our family of independent, multi-lingual domains - primarily originating in France, but also coming from French-speaking Africa
  • French and Arabic speakers are more likely to complete our online forms, compared with Turkish, Vietnamese or Indonesian speakers, for example
  • More academic programs promoted (such as Intensive English plus degree programs) equates to higher levels of student traffic
  • More language campaigns = more qualified student traffic
  • English-only campaigns perform better when they feature a few top-rated academic programs

Sample of USjournal Multi-lingual Results, 2012

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FundsV Demo: Wed, 24 September

Webinar on Wed, 24 September: Join us for a 20-minute, rapid-fire introduction to the functionality of FundsV -- featuring a sophisticated hybrid of electronic data transfer coupled with a robust Document Management Solution. Register now!

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