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The University of Southern Maine is located in the northeastern part of the United States
University of
Southern Maine
37 College Avenue
Gorham, Maine 04038

ph 207-780-4141
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of Schools and Colleges

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University of Southern Maine

The University of Southern Maine (USM) is the most cosmopolitan of Maine institutions of higher education. There is easy access to the cultural and social resources of Boston and New York, as well as those of Portland.The University engages in a broad range of ventures with municipal, county, state, and federal agencies, as well as with private foundations and industry. These all serve to provide the student with formal and informal learning opportunities in the areas of the arts, humanities, politics, business, mass communication, and technology. The University maintains strong international affiliations with colleges and universities in England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, Russia, Japan, Latvia, France, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Australia, Scotland, Wales and the People's Republic of China.

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University of Southern Maine

Academic Units at the University of Southern Maine: USM is comprised of eight academic units (Applied Science and Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Human Development, Law, Lewiston-Auburn College, Nursing and Health Professions, and the Muskie School of Public Service). USM enrolls 10,230 students, and is the largest of the seven campuses in the University of Maine System; it offers three associate and forty-eight baccalaureate degree programs, as well as graduate and professional degrees in law, nursing, business, applied immunology, computer science, education, American and New England studies, manufacturing, occupational therapy, public policy and management, counseling, community planning and development, health policy and management, and social work.

The University offers both large and small, urban and rural campus settings with facilities in downtown Portland, Gorham, and Lewiston-Auburn in central Maine. The student body of USM is the most diverse in the state of Maine. Approximately half are full-time students; more than 59 percent are women, and the average age of an undergraduate student is 27. This diversity of age provides a lively and challenging environment for learning: a context in which scholarship and the experience gained from living complement one another.

Most important, however, the University continues to grow and develop. USM is a major educational force in the overall growth and improvement of southern Maine: an area often described as the northern part of the business, industrial, and cultural corridor stretching from Washington, D.C., through New York and Boston.

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University of Southern Maine's Intensive English Language Program

Intensive English Language Program

  • Accredited by the American Association of Intensive English Language Programs (AAIEP)
  • 22 hours of instruction per week, with small classes
  • Safe living and learning environment
  • Orientation Program and Immigration Assistance
  • TOEFL Preparation and Individual Tutorial Programs
  • Word Processing and e-mail Instruction
  • Modern Computer Center and Language Lab
  • USM student housing available
  • Access to selected academic courses and all university facilities
  • Conditional admission to USM for qualified applicants
  • Planned social activities and field trips
  • Certificate of Completion

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The Intensive English Language Program (IELP), located on the Portland campus, is designed to meet the English Language needs of international students whose first language is not English, and who wish to study at USM or other universities in the United States. The primary focus is to help students improve their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. The program also focuses on study skills and the cultural orientation necessary for success at the university level.

Integrated into the course work are computer skills, authentic reading materials, journal writing, essay writing, group work, pair work, field trips to places of local interest, interviews, and TOEFL preparation.

All IELP classes are taught by qualified faculty with at least a Masters Degree. Because all classes are small (8 to 15 students), close attention is paid to individual students. Classes are based on learning a language through communicative teaching approaches, and are highly interactive.

Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary (6 hours per week)
This course focuses on helping students produce grammatically accurate, well-constructed, coherent English in the written form and in response to authentic reading. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary extension, idioms, and reading skills.

Reading and Speaking Fluency (6 hours per week)
This course focuses on helping students improve their speed and comfort in both speaking and reading. Students learn techniques for reading faster and understanding more of what they read. Diverse and authentic materials are used in this class. Students also learn interview and presentation skills; all students carry out interviews with local citizens.

Grammar (4 hours per week)
This course focuses on building a strong grammatical foundation in the English language with an additional emphasis on using these skills to produce short pieces of writing and oral presentation.

Listening and Speaking (4 hours per week)
This course focuses on helping students speak and understand the English language better. Emphasis is placed on oral production through mini-talks, drama, interviews, and videotaped presentations. Extensive listening is done either in class or in the Language Lab, primarily using the internet and other available resources.

TOEFL Preparation (2 hours per week)
This course focuses on preparing students to take the Computer Based TOEFL examination which is offered at the nearby Sylvan Learning Center. Emphasis is placed on learning strategies for taking the test, timing, types of questions, grammatical content, writing samples, and speed reading. A practice test is given towards the end of the course.

Total Estimated Costs for the Intensive English Language Program
(including program fees, living costs and personal expenses):
Fall or Spring Institute (15 weeks) = $ 9,205.00
Summer Institute (4 weeks) = $ 3,274.00

Application and Program Deposit: A $190 payment must be sent with the application; $150 will be applied to program costs when a student enrolls. If a student does not enroll, the University keeps this deposit.

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