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November 2009 Launches New Reporting Structure

Due to the dynamic nature of student user preferences, is improving the way we report our performance to our advertisers. We've documented the trend of increasing student traffic to our 17 independent multi-lingual domains, yet the number of students actually completing our inquiry forms has slowly decreased as we've offered more opportunities for students to click away from our sites, and directly to the .edu domains of our advertisers. We recently embedded sophisticated code to track that activity closely.

Advertiser reports will now include advertiser-specific data:

Summary of new report in xml format

Our system will also generate spreadsheets detailing the users' countries and languages of origin. These new data sets complement our current spreadsheets containing student input to our inquiry forms, upon expressing interest in a particular advertiser's academic program.

We trust that our clients will find our new format familiar and easy to use. Most importantly, we hope that our improvements will ease your burden of reporting valuable metrics to your supervisors. Learn more:

We encourage advertisers to send us specific URLs to embed in your Profile Pages and elsewhere, to facilitate student user preferences to click-through directly to your .edu domain. As always, we appreciate your feedback:

Schedule of U.S.A. Study Fairs

We try to maintain a comprehensive list of events dedicated to promoting U.S. education worldwide:

Please review our schedule, and let us know ( if we've inadvertantly omitted any events. Thanks!

Cheryl's Presentation Schedule

* 6-8 December, Miami, Florida
ICEF North America Workshop:

* 2 June at 3:45 p.m., Kansas City, Missouri
Working with Agents:

* 3 June at 3:45 p.m., Kansas City, Missouri
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