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About the U.S. Journal of Academics

The U.S. Journal of Academics is solely dedicated to encouraging overseas students to learn more about U.S. educational opportunities. While our internet-based services provide a firm foundation, we also feature many additional perks that are included in our very reasonable prices: Get the latest info on our Sponsor Page. We feel confident that can successfully supplement international recruitment efforts on every campus in the country.

Our Audience — The primary audience of our site includes students from around the world who are eager to learn more about academic options offered in the States. We provide valuable information about the often-complicated process of U.S. admissions. We offer dynamic news about U.S. education, U.S. immigration law, travel advisories, and more. Our site is constantly evolving to accommodate the latest technologies!

Our Objective — Our goal is a high conversion rate of inquiries to actual enrollees, so sponsors don't waste valuable resources on candidates not likely to enroll. The number of advertisers on our site fosters a more exclusive representation of featured programs, when compared to other recruitment venues. Given our high renewal rate this year, it's obvious that our on-line sponsors appreciate our philosophy of quality-over-quantity.

Enhanced Features — We launched a comprehensive site revision on 1 April 2001. Learn more about the theory behind our visual presentation.

Our innovative, copyrighted system's sophisticated mechanisms include customized, automated e-mail responses based on the student's input; instant forwarding of the student's inquiry to the sponsor; timely Excel Reports of all student inquiry activity for each sponsor; multi-lingual capabilities; and much more! We'd appreciate your comments.

The U.S. Journal's simple Excel Spreadsheets are importable to database programs such as Microsoft Access, FileMakerPro, PeopleSoft and others. It's a great way to streamline a campus' prospect management system!

To take full advantage of our features, U.S. Journal advertisers may direct all of their prospective international student web traffic to their pages within Our superb tracking and filtering mechanisms truly maximize efficiencies in online recruitment. Stay tuned as we continue to add value to our site!

Customized Service — U.S. Journal sponsors can customize their mini-site with an unlimited number of words to describe their programs.

Language-Specific Marketing — Non-English speakers currently comprise about two-thirds of the total online population; that figure is expected to grow to about 75 percent by the year 2004. We translate mini-sites to a targeted language, and we'll post them and promote them.

Rolling Deadline — The beauty of the web lies in its continuous transparency. As such, sponsors don't have to worry about imposing deadlines inherent in printed advertisements, and they can enhance their recruitment efforts immediately. We will post the English version of the mini-site (or banner advertisement) within five business days of receipt of advertisement text, digital logo, and payment. Non-English versions take about two weeks.

Our History The U.S. Journal evolved from a costly print publication in the early 1990s to a much more efficient on-line approach. Our objective focuses on the quality of leads from prospective students worldwide, and not the quantity. The U.S. Journal is not a simple directory of U.S. post-secondary academic options; our sponsors specifically seek to enroll non-U.S. students.

  • has been on-line since April, 1996.
  • We focus on one audience: prospective international students interested in the U.S.
  • Site sponsors may customize their info page with an unlimited word count.
  • Sponsors may target specific language populations online.
  • We'll work with sponsors to filter inquiries according to specifications.
  • We focus on quality, not quantity, of prospective student inquiries.
  • Our limited number of advertisers equates to more exclusive representation.
  • We don't overwhelm non-English-speakers with too much text.
  • We feature a rolling deadline so you can see results immediately! CEO Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck is an active NAFSA member:

  • Chairs and co-presents eRecruitment sessionsat NAFSA's regional and national conferences each year
  • Regularly addresses non-U.S. student questions on Voice of America
  • Traveled to the Caribbean on a self-guided recruitment tour in January 2001, and met with both students and advisors
  • Routinely contributes to industry publications, such as the Community College Journal and Advising Quarterly

Comments from evaluations collected from session attendees:

  • The presentation was well-organized, thorough, inspiring and exciting!
  • Great statistics on a timely issue; hand-outs are very useful, working documents.
  • The presenters were highly knowledgeable and professional.
  • This is the type of session that is truly advancing the professions of admissions and international student recruitment...

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