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Computer Systems Institute, with campuses near Chicago and Boston

Computer Systems Institute
In Illinois: Chicago | Skokie | Lombard
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Computer Systems Institute (CSI) is a post-secondary education provider committed to quality, career-focused training led by enthusiastic professionals who are inspired to transform an individual into a skilled professional. Founded in 1989, CSI has become a premier career training school with over 10,000 graduates.

Business Career Program

The Business Career Program is based on the concept of total immersion and integration of the international student into the American business environment. This program provides students with the technical skills and knowledge necessary to work in a global business environment, including an introduction to business management concepts, computerized accounting applications, and Microsoft applications. The Business Career Program will also provide students with the crucial communication skills necessary in an American business environment. Students will grow their business terminology and learn concepts in social interactions, customer service, negotiations, meetings, telephone conversations, and presentations.

The Business Career Program provides academic skills, hands-on training and practical experience to pursue a successful career in business as well as the opportunity for further education. This program will help you to develop and refine professional skills in key business concepts, including:

  • Customer Service – The essentials of customer service and strategies for handling customers in everyday situations.
  • Computerized Accounting – Introducing principles of the accounting cycle by using QuickBooks software.
  • Small Business Management – Ethical decision-making, social responsibility, forms of business ownership, entrepreneurship, human resources, competing in a global marketplace, operations, promoting and distributing products and services.
  • Sales and Marketing – Exposure to specific sales skills used by top sales professionals; focusing on sales strategy and answering essential questions, including different ways to sell, essential tasks of selling, understanding the customer's buying cycle and how to develop an effective sales strategy.
  • Financial Services – Meeting and maintaining financial goals, money management, savings, credit and taxes.

Skill Building Programs: Computer Systems Institute's Skill Building programs offer a way for students to gain professional skills needed in the business world. Each program is a specialized, fast-paced, flexible, and academically rigorous course of study. Students supplement classroom lecture with externships in various industry positions. Each program is four academic quarters (44 academic weeks) in length, and includes practical training as an integral part of learning.

  • Customer Service Specialist Program
    The Customer Service Specialist program offers advanced development and training in professional and business-related skills. Students learn core competencies of customer relationship management through techniques that teach them to assess, assist, and meet the needs of customers. All four courses of the program -- Customer Relationship Management, Call Center, Case Studies in Customer Service, and Customer Service as a Career -- will focus on customer service and professional business skills.

  • Hospitality Industry Professional Program
    The Hospitality Industry Professional program is designed to help students be successful in different positions within the hospitality industry. Students learn core competencies of hospitality service through techniques that teach them to assess and serve the needs of customers and clients in a multitude of different industries. This program will also introduce the concepts and principles of treating customers as guests and creating an extraordinary experience for them.

  • Administrative Assistant Professional Program
    The Administrative Assistant Professional program aims to equip students with necessary administrative skills needed to succeed in an office environment. The program includes the following five courses: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Office Procedures, Business Communications, and an externship course. The one-year program aims to provide students with imperative knowledge about proper professional behavior in an office environment, management of electronic files, and handling of correct office procedures.

  • Small Business Administrator Program
    The Small Business Administrator program is focused on major knowledge areas encompassing various spheres of entrepreneurship. The program's classes hone the following skills: public speaking, interpersonal communication, sales operations, customer relations, and technical skills such as digital marketing. The one-year program equips students with a theoretical foundation and a set of invaluable skills needed to become successful in business enterprises.

  • Sales and Marketing Professional Program
    The Sales and Marketing Professional program consists of four core courses: Introduction to Small Business Administration, Social Media Marketing, Communication for Sales, and Consumer Psychology. An additional elective externship course is available. The program assists students in honing the following skills: public speaking, interpersonal communication, sales operations, customer relations, and technical skills.

ESL Program: English for Travel Course in Boston

The English for Travel (or ESL for Travel) course is designed for international tourist travelers and new immigrants looking for ESL, US travel, and cultural learning experiences in the USA. The English for Travel ESL program is designed to quickly build confidence in the English language by improving speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills for international travelers (B1 / B2 visa holders) visiting the United States for both business and pleasure. The coursework includes an integration of field trips to popular local sights and attractions that will give students the added opportunity to practice newly acquired language skills while exploring the unique history and dynamic culture of Boston.

Being familiar with the language is key to a successful trip. That's why CSI has designed this course to help you easily learn the key English language skills needed in areas such as booking flights or hotels, confirming reservations, and asking for directions. Mastering these skills will allow you to travel around the United States with ease and confidence.

Boston is the capital and most populous city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States. It is one of the oldest cities in the US, making it rich with culture and history. The city's many top colleges and universities also make it a popular destination for F-1 international students from all over the world.

In addition to English language learning, students in CSI's ESL for Travel course will also be immersed into the rich Bostonian culture and history. Field trips may include a tour of the Boston Common, a trip to the historical Freedom Trail, a traditional American baseball game at Fenway Park, a culinary experience at one of many of the major neighborhoods in Boston, or trips to some of the dozens of museums located in the city.

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Tuition and Fees

Business Career Program
Tuition: US$5,600 per year for Illinois campuses; US$6,000 per year for Massachusetts campuses

Skill Building Programs
Tuition: US$5,100 per year, or US$1,275 per quarter at all campuses
Books and Supplies Fee: $100 per quarter

ESL Program (4 weeks, part-time)
Tuition: US$500 for Massachusetts campuses
Academic Fee: US$100


Computer Systems Institute, with a campus in Chicago, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois

Computer Systems Institute, with a campus in Skokie, Illinois -- near Chicago
Skokie, Illinois

Computer Systems Institute, with a campus in Lombard, Illinois -- near Chicago
Lombard, Illinois

Computer Systems Institute, with a campus in Charlestown, Massachusetts -- near Boston
Charlestown, Massachusetts

Computer Systems Institute, with a campus in Worcester, Massachusetts -- near Boston
Worcester, Massachusetts

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