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Academic Programs at Columbia University
School of Professional Studies, New York

Columbia University - School of Professional Studies, New York City

Columbia University School of Professional Studies

  • An Ivy League university experience
  • A world-class faculty
  • A historic campus in Manhattan

About Columbia University

Founded in 1754 as King's College, Columbia University in the City of New York is the fifth oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. A leading academic and research university, Columbia continually seeks to advance the frontiers of knowledge and to foster a campus community deeply engaged in understanding and addressing the complex global issues of our time.

About Columbia University's School of Professional Studies
The School of Professional Studies is a resource for those who wish to take their lives in new directions. The School currently offers thirteen professional master's degrees, ten levels of English language instruction, access to hundreds of Arts and Sciences courses through its Postbaccalaureate Studies program, certificate programs, and high school programs in New York City as well as Europe and the Middle East.

Columbia University - American Language Program, New York City

Programs Available to International Students

American Language Program
More than 100 years of excellence

Whether your goal is to attend an American university or to achieve professional success in the global economy, the American Language Program offers a variety of programs designed to dramatically increase your proficiency with written and spoken English. Using the cultural resources of New York City and the experiences and viewpoints of a vibrant international student population, the American Language Program helps students to think critically, creatively, and effectively -- and to do it in accurate, sophisticated English. sps.columbia.edu/alp

Intensive English Program

Intensive Program: A series of intensive English courses that are offered year-round. These courses help students develop grammatical accuracy, pronunciation, fluency, listening and reading comprehension, and writing ability at all levels of English proficiency, from beginner to near-native speaker levels.

Special Programs

Advanced Academic Preparation: A seven-week summer course for students who are making plans to enter a degree program in the United States. The course includes sophisticated university-style seminar discussions, student presentations, and practice in academic writing: use of correct citation form, exploration of issues in academic honesty, and techniques for research paper writing.

English for Professional Purposes - Business: English language course for business professionals and pre-M.B.A. students. This course employs the business case-study method, along with visits to New York businesses, and attendance at special lectures delivered by business professors and other professionals.

English for Professional Purposes - Law: English language course for legal professionals and pre-law students. This course uses the fundamental concepts and the essential structures of the U.S. legal system as the context in which students solidify, expand and refine their use of advanced professional English.

Interested? Apply now.

Columbia University - American Language Program, New York City

Full-Time Master's Degree Programs

Actuarial Science: The M.S. in Actuarial Science prepares postgraduates with strong mathematical aptitude to pass the first four industry examinations required for entry into and advancement in the field. The program gives promising students the opportunity to study with some of the best minds in the country, and provides an academic experience that extends beyond the limits of basic test preparation by providing a community of like-minded peers and rigorous and structured coursework. sps.columbia.edu/actuarial-science

Bioethics: The M.S. in Bioethics provides students with the training to work professionally on issues in bioethics, and grounds them in historical, philosophical, legal, and social-scientific approaches and models for addressing bioethics. The program prepares students to work in various capacities within this new and ever-growing field, and includes a concentration in global bioethics -- the first of its kind in the United States. sps.columbia.edu/bioethics

Communications Practice: The M.S. in Communications Practice focuses on developing critical thinking, collaboration, ethical judgment, reasoning, persuasion, writing, and complex problem-solving. Aptitude in these areas is essential for success in today's rapidly changing communications industry. sps.columbia.edu/communications-practice

Information and Knowledge Strategy: The M.S. in Information and Knowledge Strategy teaches students to plan, design and evaluate initiatives in knowledge and information across a wide spectrum of global environments, including corporations, government, educational and nonprofit institutions. Students also develop a critical insight into the legal, social and cultural factors that influence an organization's ability to leverage information, and learn to solve problems that impact process, human resources and technology. Courses are taught on-campus and online. sps.columbia.edu/information-and-knowledge-strategy

Narrative Medicine: The Narrative Medicine master's degree program seeks to strengthen the overarching goals of medicine, public health and social justice, as well as the intimate, interpersonal experiences of the clinical encounter. The master's program aims to fulfill these objectives by educating a leadership corps of health professionals and scholars from the humanities and social sciences who will imbue patient care and professional education with the skills and values of narrative understanding. sps.columbia.edu/narrative-medicine

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Columbia's Negotiation and Conflict Resolution master's degree program is designed to train professionals to be effective negotiators and problem-solvers. The curriculum emphasizes a pragmatic approach to resolving conflicts that arise in human resource management, community and labor organization, education and health administration, law and business. sps.columbia.edu/negotiation-and-conflict-resolution

Sustainability Management: The M.S. in Sustainability Management program formally trains and educates sustainability professionals in a variety of industries. The program uses sophisticated environmental measurement tools and cutting edge environmental science to help students fully understand the systematic and organizational role of sustainability in any organization. sps.columbia.edu/sustainability-management

Learn more: sps.columbia.edu

Columbia University - School of Professional Studies, New York City

Programs for High School Students

Columbia University's High School programs offer the opportunity for intensive study and new experiences. These programs are for students aged 16 and above, and they are offered during the months of June, July and August. Full details, information about tuition and fees, bonus features, and a video information session are available at sps.columbia.edu/high-school.

Study in New York City: For 23 years, Columbia University's Summer Program for High School Students has offered highly motivated students the opportunity of a lifetime: a world-class educational experience set in the most exciting city in the nation. The Summer Program for High School Students in New York City is renowned for its academic rigor, instructional excellence, and the unique opportunity to experience college life in the Ivy League and life in New York City.

Study in Barcelona: Columbia offers a secondary school study-abroad program in Barcelona, Spain, where the academic experience includes immersion in one of the world's richest cultures. In this program, academic work breaks out of the classroom and into the city itself, providing an exciting and mind-expanding journey into Barcelona's art, culture, traditions, and heritage.

Study in the Middle East: The program combines study at Columbia University in New York City with study abroad at King's Academy, in Manja, Jordan. The program offers a unique chance to combine substantive reading and classroom work at Columbia and at the prestigious King's Academy, with field trips to several extraordinary historical sites in Jordan.

Let's get started: sps.columbia.edu/high-school

Columbia University - School of Professional Studies, New York City

Visiting International Student Program

International students with qualifying academic records are welcome to study on a non-degree basis at Columbia University through the School of Professional Studies during the academic year and summer. Enrolling at Columbia offers access to hundreds of credit-bearing, challenging academic courses across all of the departments of the Arts and Sciences, taught by Columbia's eminent faculty.

Visiting international students study with matriculated Columbia students and are granted the use of the University's resources, including the libraries and athletic facilities. The School of Professional Studies' Office of Student Affairs provides visiting students with guidance and academic advising to help them navigate the University's academic environment.

Undergraduate Program: Individuals who are currently enrolled in a bachelor's program at another college or university and are in good academic and disciplinary standing may apply as nonresidential visiting students. In order to qualify for a student visa through Columbia University, students must be enrolled full time in a program of study. sps.columbia.edu/visiting-students

Postbaccalaureate Studies Program: The Postbaccalaureate Studies program offers qualified individuals with bachelor's degrees the opportunity to take university courses for graduate school preparation or academic advancement. Working with advisers at the School of Professional Studies, each student develops a plan of study tailored to his or her background and academic goals. In order to qualify for a student visa through Columbia University, students must be enrolled full time in a program of study. The program also offers an online or on-campus Business Certificate for international students. sps.columbia.edu/postbaccalaureate-studies

Learn more about these valuable opportunities:

Columbia University, New York City

Executive Education

Strategic Communications: International Perspectives
(Summer Certificate Program in late July / early August)
A select group of executives with global communications responsibilities, who are based overseas, will gather in New York City to participate in an intensive two-week program. Students will learn to develop and practice effective communications strategies to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by operating in the global marketplace, and acquire the thinking habits that will allow them to offer superior strategic counsel to their internal and external constituents.

New York City is nominally the world's communications capitol, home to media companies with a global reach and corporate headquarters of Fortune 100 companies; Columbia University is home to the nation's first graduate program in strategic communications -- launched in 2002, and with more than 180 alumni -- with a reputation for producing a new breed of communications executive.

Guided by a faculty experienced in teaching strategic communications, students have an opportunity to test theories and to learn new ways of thinking, planning, and strategizing. In addition, students meet corporate executives who have demonstrated leadership with innovative, creative, and cutting-edge thinking. Sessions take place on Columbia's Morningside Heights campus, minutes from the heart of the vibrant city.

New York City

Columbia offers the unique experience of a true college campus in the middle of New York City, with endless opportunities for enrichment. Whether it's heading to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, catching a Broadway show, strolling through art galleries in Chelsea, or touring Ellis Island, New York City has something for every taste and interest. A truly international city, New York gives students the chance to explore cultures from around the globe, and the city's safe, reliable public transportation systems make all that the city has to offer convenient and accessible.

We look forward to welcoming you to Columbia University! To learn more, review all of our programs and select the ones that interest you. Then complete the inquiry form, and we will respond to you directly. Otherwise, visit sps.columbia.edu.

Contact Columbia

School of Professional Studies
Columbia University
504 Lewisohn Hall
2970 Broadway
Mail Code 4113
New York, New York 10027

ph 212-854-3584
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