USjournal Partners with as Exclusive Link Shortener

USjournal Partners with as Exclusive Link Shortener

USjournal has engaged as its exclusive partner to shorten links for all social media posts. has also extended its robust Enterprise Solutions to USjournal's banner advertisers for 90 days, at no charge to them. ( serves as the international education industry's leading resource of online and in-person recruitment events designed to advance global student mobility.)

"'s sophisticated algorithms are unparalleled in the industry," noted USjournal's Cheryl DarrupBoychuck. "At its core, shortens links. Sounds simple... until you realize that hackers cleverly 'spoof' URLs all the time. It's been nearly impossible for consumers to trust unfamiliar links until we click on them -- and that can be too late to protect us from malicious content. has figured out how to generate threat intelligence 'before' we click. And that data is fed back into's models, which constantly improve the system via Machine Learning.

"That, in and of itself, is genius," she continued. "But provides even more value by sharing appropriate deep data with their Enterprise clients, to track traffic of those shortened URLs in a user-friendly format."

In the immediate term, USjournal will apply's technology to its advertisers' rotating banners at USjournal staff will embed code to new events added to the fair schedule over time.

"We list more than 1,000 events (both online and in-person) at the moment," DarrupBoychuck explained. "We've chosen to let our current listings' links naturally expire, and focus on a deliberate, longer-term comprehensive conversion to technology.

"In the mean time, we'll take full advantage of everything has to offer us and our clients," she concluded. "It takes dynamic tech skills and grit to improve the efficiency and integrity of online processes, and the talented team at is up to the challenge."

Advertisers may contact us to schedule a demo of's capabilities. We invite other service providers to review our Rate Card; we'd be delighted to schedule a conversation, and craft a customized proposal for you!